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6 common security vulnerabilities in e-commerce websites

Currently, security in e-commerce is still a painful problem, but most businesses are quite negligent, with potential risks that can cause great damage to businesses at any time. Let's take a look at 6 common flaws with e-commerce websites that most businesses encounter in the following article!


Fast purchase, compact sale, easy selection, simple payment are the outstanding advantages of e-commerce in an era when consumers increasingly want to save time and promote convenience.


Because of the widespread coverage of e-commerce platforms, it is becoming the main target of malicious attackers. Take advantage of the following vulnerabilities that your business e-commerce website will be hacked at any time. Let's take a look.

1. Gap in price manipulation

2. Loophole in naming or numbering of customer cards in order

3. Gap in the couponing of the purchase coupon code

4. Gaps in the measurement of stock items

5. DDoS attacks against e-commerce websites

6. Stealing credit cards during purchase on e-commerce websites of businesses

So what solution is for security vulnerabilities with e-commerce websites?  mapquest directions

You can conduct by yourself or find solutions for e-commerce websites of your business to meet the following basic and effective criteria:


- Please conduct a survey to evaluate your e-commerce system. These surveys and assessments must be completely automated and do not affect the company's business.


- After scanning, assessing, discovering security vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities, measures must be taken to keep the enterprise's e-commerce system secure and secure.


- Regularly use advanced guest features such as Malware Scan, using the web application firewall platform to prevent outside attacks or using Monitoring to receive alerts every time Your website has a problem.

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