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IP address as URL

This doesn't work and I've tried a dozen variations of this URL. Does anyone know the correct way to execute the domain via IP Address?

I'd like to rebuild an existing site (on a different host) on my server. This is why I need access via IP Address, but all DNS info is pointed to a different host.

Any help?


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Hi Vikef, you need to scan for your IP address in order to get new registrations. You can try IP Address Tracker in this regard and go for SolarWinds IP Address Tracker that is known as an amazing solution of the issue you are encountering. Considered to be a free tool, SolarWinds IP Address Tracker lets you to deal with up to 254 IP addresses, but it automatically pushes notifications when IP address related issues start. It also creates a repository of all IP addresses on a track subnets, network, and displays which addresses are in access. Its graphical user interface also shows you data in an intuitive and digestible way, stressing important occasions. Browse this site to learn a lot more. I hope that by using it you would be able to register new IP Addresses easily.

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