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After purchasing cant open software

After purchasing cant open software, there was an error msg here i attached file.

please send me the sooner answer

What operating system are you using?

Were you able to run the software before purchasing?

operating system is windows 8.1
i run free version here same computer one year time 

You do not need to download anything new. Keep using the same version, but the difference is that you will be entering the serial number you used for purchase.

i'm getting this error now





(69.4 KB)

your web site does not working.

Want to create 2, 3 eBooks, that is why i brought ur software

still issue to create eBook

Hi Thakshila. We were doing a system upgrade, that takes 5 min for updating the website. Sometimes other territories may take longer.

Can you try now and let us know if the website is still not working?

Site doesn't work yet

There may be a DNS caching issue from your site.

Which browser are you using? If you are using Chrome, can you please try InCognito mode (Ctrl-Shift-N shortcut)?

Site doesn't work with another browsers, i checked 

Which country are you from? I can check if the changes had propagated there.

Sri Lanka, i uninstalled and reinstalled browser and checked, it doesn't work

Any updates now?

Thakshila, is this problem still happening?

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