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What to do if I want my hp printer to only use black ink?

HP printers must have some ink of each color available to print. some types of printers, the ink is used for periodic servicing tasks. This helps to prevent issues such as printhead clogs and poor print quality. There is no way to bypass this feature. If you want your HP printer to use only black ink, then you can easily change in the settings. you need to keep this in mind every printer has different steps depending upon the model of the printer.

1- Search for “Print” option in the software app.

2- Know about your printer from the available list of printers.

3- Tap on the  Printer Properties tab.

     You will now see options labeled as Properties, Printer Setup or Preferences.

4- Tap on the Paper/Quality or Features button.

To use only black ink in HP printer, change one of the given settings displayed on-screen.

click on the Advanced button and tap on the Print in grayscale option and select Black ink only option and click on Ok to confirm the changes.

However, if you still have some issues with the steps or the HP Printer not printing black after the steps are followed, then we recommend you visit the HP Printer Support webpage and get the customer support assistance within no time

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